What a busy time!

The team here at Arran Dog Bakery have been very busy recently!

First of all we launched our Popcorn Bites on our website, which have been snapped up rather quickly! and we have to say, it's been great for us four pawed members of the team carrying out quality control duties!

We had our weekly 'Where's Wellesley?' competition, with the winner picking up their prize packet of Arran Dog Bakery biscuits from our gift shop in Brodick, Red Door. We have another 'Where's Wellesley?' competition coming up this Wednesday, and if you want a hint, it's not as obvious as you may think!

A good number of photos have been sent through to us from all our friends enjoying our biscuits, which can be seen on our website, Facebook and Instagram! We love seeing pictures of our fellow pups with our treats, so feel free to forward any you would like to share!

We are preparing to launch a new Giant Bone Biscuit on our website to take over from our successful Giant Christmas Bone, more news to follow on that shortly, some of our prize winners have already sampled them.

And.....to all our Mainland puppers, you can now buy your Arran Dog Bakery treats from Aroma Coffee Shop on Henrietta Street in Galston. Our humans were there earlier today and each enjoyed a coffee and cake, which they agreed were amazing! So why don't you pop down there, they are dog friendly...and with the selection of cakes they have, very human friendly also!

Have a great weekend!


Branch Manager

Arran Dog Bakery

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